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hey guys! rocks =o)

moving in yesterday was pretty hectic..but that was to be expected..;i got all my books and was fun. amanda, my roommate, is really nice - it seems like we have a lot in common, so that should be good. my suitemates seem nice too - we all seem like pretty different people, but it should be good. one of the girls in my suite, cassie, from florida, is really nice - i think im gonna get along with her really well. i spent most of yesterday w/ kelly and erica, and its going to happen again today..i love them. i think its easier for us to approach people and stuff when we are all together.

there was really nothing going on on campus last night, since the upperclassmen aren't here yet..we heard about one party, and a bunch of us went, but there was nothing kelly, erica, and i all went around together to our respective suites and hung out with people...i think i probably went to bed at like..1:30?

today should be a really good day! im going to shower and stuff in a little bit...then we're all just going to spend the day around campus, trying to get our bearings, find out where everything is and stuff. theres a hillel party at 6:00, which im super-excited about, and hall meetings at 7..and since the upperclassman are on campus starting today, there's probably going to be major parties =o) yay!

if you want to talk, call my cell..its always on!! =o)

love you all!
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