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lets talk about yesterday....

yesterday was quite an amusing day. we = me, cassie, and amanda, for future references.

so, we all woke up, saw that it was raining and SO yucky outside, and did nothing for a while. then, we went to the commons with erica, yay! we got grilled cheese, put it in plastic baggies, and brought it back to our rooms. we decided to watch a movie..13 going on 30. it was great. then..we went upstairs and borrowed the ring from some random guy, and watched that. then..we watched jersey girl. by then, it was around 8:30..i think. we went to the hawks nest, got some silverware and random other fun things, and came back. we ordered a pizza, went to stephieee's for a few, she gave us some vodka, and then we borrowed sex and the city from marcia. (side note - we were still in our pj's from the night before...we were quite dirty.) so we started watching sex and the city. then someone knocked on our was ilan and his friends. they said they would be right back. they came back in about half an hour, and brought us alcohol. it was good times...and mmm absolut raspberry is REALLY good. so we hung out with them for a while, stephieee came over with a friend, there were a LOT of people in our common room. everyone left at like..1:30 because they thought we wanted to go to sleep. butttt we didn't. so around 2:00 we went over to A complex (where everyone who we were previously hanging out with was) and chilled with them until 3. OHHHH salmon. funny stuff. then, we came back and went to sleep.

moral of the story - if you stay in your pj's all day and barely leave your suite, boys will bring you alcohol.

today will be another lazy day..i have a little bit of hw...and prob. just watching tv and whatnot..i don't feel so great, but kol b'seder!!

x's and o's
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