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well, well, well. its been about two months since my last post. im kind of over this whole livejournal thing..i dont know, i still read my friends page because i love to know what is going on in my friends lives, but updating..ehhh. not for me. so if you want to know what is going on in my life, talk to me. im usually always online, and i always answer my cell. but nevertheless, heres a short little synopsis of the past few months. i finished my first year of college. it was fabulous. i love hartford. i made some great friends, i have an amazing boyfriend, and pretty decent was good! im living with 5 fabulous girls next year, it will be a party. i will also be the advisor for the freshman on hillel board, and i have a job at a local congregation doing junior youth group and songleading. it should be fun. and good money too.

about three weeks after school ended, i went to israel on birthright. it was incredible...everything i thought israel would be and so much more. i am in love with that country.

i'm leaving for camp on sunday. ill be back around august 13th. here's my address, you all better write to me:

Sarah Byer - RA
URJ Kutz Camp
46 Bowen Road
Warwick, NY 10990

you can also reach my by cell phone or email.

alright, this is not such a good update. these choppy sentences make me sound like im 5. but whatever, its the summer, im allowed to write horribly. right? write to me at camp, and have a great summer everyone. love you all!

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